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W One Floractive - Nano Protein 1000ml

W One Floractive  - Nano Protein 1000ml

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The kit Includes:

-1000ml (34 oz) W one FloractiveTreatment 

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New Packing!!

W. One Floractive Nano Protein, Progressive Hair Straightening.

W.One was developed to promote intracellular nutrition with nanotechnology. Its reconstructive effect gives the fiber shine, non-frizz and long lasting straightness effect. W. One Progressive successfully and durability depend on each type of hair, the way it was conducted and the life style of the person. IT CAN LAST UP TO 120 DAYS!


Floractive W.One Brush Progressive (Single Step) is available in 01 Liter 


Acrylates Copolymer, Alanine, Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, Cetearryl alcohol, Citric acid, Disodium EDTA, Glycine, Histidine, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Isoleucine, Methylchloroisothiazolione (And) Methylisothiazolinone, Morus Nigra Fruit Extract, Parfum, Pca, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Sodium, Lactate, Sodium Pca, Aqua.


Step by Step

1 No need to wash their hair.

2 Apply W.one lock to lock and leave it for 40 minutes more resistant hair can leave longer.

3 After the pause rinse the hair, no need to rinse everything, just remove any excess product.

4 Dry the hair and pranche into thin strands. If you want to check the result, rinse again and dry hands (optional)

Note: Place the argan oil on the tips of blond hair and frail before pranchar, or apply the serum nutritional Macadamia. Hair dyed blonde or red should be rinsed pranchados 50% and with an average temperature of 180 




Smooth, hydrated and with a spectacular glow of a quick and practical way hair!

Product Reviews

ArtbeautyOnline (16/08/2017)

Dear Caramellita, you should keep it outside in a dry place.

Caramellita (15/08/2017)

Hi... I just bought w one protein premium... I was wondering how can I store it... in the fridge or keep it outside... Thanks

ArtbeautyOnline (03/11/2016)

Dear Maya, The brown one is called w.one revolution. They are different. Premium are strongest than revolution. Revolution is the one made in Brasil, original formula that's the one we sell. It's a great treatment for damaged hair. But we suggest to ALWAYS perform a patch test prior to application.

Maya (28/10/2016)

Hi I was told the gold one was the one they used back in the Middle East and I read that the gold one is stronger .. my hair is really damaged from bad keratin treatments on the past .. I need something really good .... would you still recommend the one you sell?

ArtbeautyOnline (08/09/2016)

Dear Ashwaq, Yes. You can do that. The only problem If you have your hair colored before getting a keratin treatment, the color is usually brightened and made more appealing. A lot of women who dye their graying hair roots regularly ask whether it's safe to color hair after a keratin treatment. The answer is yes. However, to get the best effects of keratin treatment, it's very important to wait two weeks before getting your hair dyed. Also ammonia-free products are preferred.

Ashwaq (07/09/2016)

Hi, Is it OK to dye my hair just one or two days before the treatment ?! And what about Henna as well, can I use the treatment before or after using Henna ?! Thanks

ArtbeautyOnline (07/09/2016)

Dear Hana, testing has not been done on this, so the manufacturers suggest to ask your doctor. AtbeautyOnline does not recommend the perform of the service on women who are pregnant or nursing or also in children. If you are considering a keratin treatment while pregnant, don’t just take the stylist’s word that it’s safe. Ask for the ingredients and/or brand name and manufacturer, contact them, and run it by your OB. Remember, your OB isn’t a hairdresser either! So it is important to explain how it will be used; tell your Doc the formula will be applied to your hair, blowdried in, then ironed at as much as 450 degrees. During this last step, there will inevitably be chemical fumes. In some cases, it is then left in the hair for 24-96 hours.

Hana (01/09/2016)

Dear ArtbeautyOnline team, i would like to ask if i can use W One Nano Protein premium for my daughter?, she is 5 years old.

ArtbeautyOnline (14/08/2016)

Dear Salma, You don't need to wash the hair before use the flat iron. Use a fine comb brush toward the bottom to remove the excess product. You can use the product in a very dry hair or 80% dry. It's ok.

ArbeautyOnline (14/08/2016)

Dear Ashwaq, The brown one is called w.one revolution. They are different. Premium are strongest than revolution. Revolution is the one made in Brasil, original formula that's the one we sell.

ArtbeautyOnline (10/08/2016)

Dear Mona, Yes. We ship to Dubai.

Ashwaq (06/08/2016)

Hi, is that the gold bottle ( premium) or the brown one ( revolution) ?! Because it isn't clear enough to me in the picture. Beside, I want to know if I can swim in a pool after the treatment. I heard that the clor in the water would remove the protein and damage the hair... Thanks

Salma (05/08/2016)

Hello , is it important to wash my hair to get rid of the extra product before i use the flat iron ?! Some people tould me that it's not important to wash the hair . 2- do i apply the product on a very dry hair or it should be 80% dry ?!!

mona (04/08/2016)

i am from Dubai, UAE. could you ship the product to Dubai?

ArtbeautyOnline (31/05/2016)

Dear lavinia violeta, Sorry. We don`t ship to Spain.

lavinia violeta (25/05/2016)

hi! i´m from spain. can you send at spain? thank youu!

ArtbeautyOnline (19/04/2016)

Dear Sarah, If you have a super damaged hair and break easily you should not do the treatment. First you need to make it strong and use restorative masks. We suggest to ALWAYS perform a patch test prior to application. ArtbeautyOnline

Sarah (19/04/2016)

Hello, I want to ask if it would be suitable for my African super damaged hair?! Brittle and brake easily.. And the most important point is that I stopes using matrix rebonfing before four-five months.. Some told me the hair won't take it and would break as soon as you apply the material, but I was thinking that it should b a treatment and strengthen my hair?!!! Please tell me would it work?!

ArtbeautyOnline (20/03/2016)

Dear Yasmim, Yes, we ship to Canada. The delivery time to Canada is between 5 to 15 work days for Standard Delivery. Please be aware that your local custom offie will aplly additional charges (import tax and duties) to your goods upon arrivel into your country. Check your local laws.

Yasmin (17/03/2016)

Hi Can it be shipped to Canada (Montreal) ? And how long does it take to arrive? Is there are any import cost ? Thanks

ArtbeautyOnline (08/03/2016)

Dear Mony, You are most welcome. Yes, sure. You can use it.

Mony (08/03/2016)

Hi, thanks for reply. Can I use oil replacement for moisturising?

ArtbeautyOnline (06/03/2016)

Dear Mony, Yes, It`s normal you just have to mix. Keep W one in a cool and dry place, out of solar exposition. Fridge is quite humid.

Mony (06/03/2016)

Should I Keep the product in refrigerator and what is the storage temperature

Mony (05/03/2016)

Please I bought w one protein 5 days ago and it was seperated into two layers protein above and water in the bottom is this normal ?? And when I applied it on hair the result was not good

ArtbeautyOnline (18/01/2016)

Dear alia, We ship to Pakistan.

ArtbeautyOnline (18/01/2016)

Dear Dawlah, It`s formaldehyde free! You will wash your hair in the same day. Please check the details on the step by step instructions: STEP BY STEP - EASY APPLICATION AND 3 TIMES FASTER THAN THE OTHER PROGRESSIVE. 1. No need to wash their hair. 2. Apply W.One with a brush in every section and leave it for 45 minutes or more, depending on the hair. 3. Wash the hair, not everything, just to remove excess of product. 4. Dry 90% and straighten with flat-iron for 15 times every section at 210-230 degrees.

Dawlah (18/01/2016)

Is it necessary to leave my hair without washing for 3-4 days after applying the w one protein. Also, is it formaldehyde free and is it ok to do it at home or it should be done by professional.

alia (17/01/2016)

Can i buy this in pakistan??

alia (17/01/2016)

Do u cell in pakistan????

Nehal (10/11/2015)

Dear artbeautyonline team I would like to thank you for amazing service.. I just received my package in the uae.. It actually arrived earlier than expected And the product is wonderful and carefully packed.. Very proud to be a customer of yours.. Looking forward to my next purchase soon:)

ArtbeautyOnline (14/10/2015)

Dear Rasha Elbagir, We hope you are doing fine today! Thank you for contacting us. I hope that you are doing well today. I am Susie from Artbeauty Online Support. I can understand that you are looking for tracking details. Good thing that you have contacted us today. Please allow me to assist you with this. Your package was shipped. This is the tracking number: CP366025156BR

Rasha Elbagir (12/10/2015)

Hi I got an email with a tracking number , but when I enter the number they mention the object it's not found ????? Would u please let me know if my item has been dispatched or not yet

ArtbeautyOnline (08/10/2015)

Dear Rasha Elbagir, The treatment will make permanent hair color last longer! But we suggest that you color/highlight your hair before applying the treatment and ALWAYS perform a patch test prior to application. ArtbeautyOnline does not recommend the perform of the service on women who are pregnant or nursing and young kids. But it`s ok to perform in your 7 years old kid is old enough. But ALWAYS perform a patch test prior to application.

Rasha Elbagir (07/10/2015)

I have bought the above bottle from you the W One floractive protein therapy Just wondering is it OK to do it to my 7 yes old child? regarding my hair it's damaged coulered hair is it OK to use the w one on top of it , would that help my hair Many thanks Rasha

ArtbeautyOnline (07/10/2015)

Dear Elbagir, Yes, you can use argan oil for daily use and for moisturising and also sulfate free shampoos and conditioner. After getting a keratin treatment you are recommend to use shampoos/conditioners that are sulfate-free and sodium-free to support the longevity of your smoothing treatment. Sulfates are foaming agents in commercial shampoo brands that can affect the hair cuticle, while sodium chloride is a thickening agent which can strip keratin from your strands, leaving the hair feeling dry. Leaking out the keratin from your hair will diminish the duration and quality of your keratin treatment, and you will also require more frequent reapplication.

Rasha Elbagir (06/10/2015)

Many thanks for your reply . Well , can I use oils like argon oil after I do it for daily use or what should I use for moisturising ??? And I have free sodium chloride shampoo and conditioner is it OK to use it ? Many thanks

ArtbeautyOnline (05/10/2015)

Dear Elbagir, Yes, we ship to UK. The expiration date usually is 3 years after the date you bought, our currently bottles will remain valid until 2018. Yes, you can do the treatment every 3 months.

rasha elbagir (04/10/2015)

Well , just wondering do u ship to the UK? ? And if I bought the 1 litter what's the expiry date of the bottle Can I do it every 3 months Many thanks

ArtbeautyOnline (04/10/2015)

How long the hair lasts depends on how you maintain it. We suggest to include the W one Home Care on your purchase. If you take very good care of it, then normally it could last almost 1 year.

Lais (03/10/2015)

How long is the duration by application?

ArtbeautyOnline (01/10/2015)

Dear Anfal, This is only for professional use.

ArtbeautyOnline (01/10/2015)

Dear Deyse, You can buy Plastica dos Fios on this link: http://artbeautyonline.com/product-plastica-dos-fios-cadiveu--keratin-treatment-980ml-1

ArtbeautyOnline (01/10/2015)

Dear Ahmed and Rania, Yes. We ship to Egypt!

ahmed (01/10/2015)

Are you ship to egypt?

rania (30/09/2015)

Do you ship to egypt ?

Anfal (28/09/2015)

Is it for proffessionals use or i can use it at home ? And the one bottle can be used up to how many times for a shoulder length hair?

ArtbeautyOnline (23/09/2015)

Dear Alaa, Yes, we ship to Saudi Arabia.

alaa (22/09/2015)

Are you shipp to Saudi Arabia ?

ArtBeauty (11/08/2015)

Dear Noah and Sara, W one Floractive contains the same main ingredients in the original bottle however the ingredients are concentrated and streamlined. The factory included other ingredients for better results of smoothing and straightening. What was good just gotten better! Try it yourself!

noha (09/08/2015)

i have the same question like Sara, is the new bottle has the same effect as the old one?? because the ingredients are different!!

Sarah (08/08/2015)

Hello, I have tried the white bottle and worked well with me. I am hesitated to try the new packaging bottle are they the same? I tried to compare ingredients for the original one and new one they are the same except two GLYOXYLOYL, , CETRIMONIUM CHLORIDE which are found in the original white bottle. will this 2 missing ingeriedients make a difference?

Artbeauty Online (23/07/2015)

Dear girl, The item it's only 1000mll size!

girl (22/07/2015)

is there less than 1000 ml ?

Artbeauty Online (19/07/2015)

Dear Maria, Yes. We ship to Russia.

Maria (17/07/2015)

Do you sell in Russia?

mohamed (04/07/2015)


mfam1384 (27/04/2015)

Thanks & Thanks My hair is perfect now. I am so happy! I certainty buy from you again!

Hipanna (06/03/2015)

I was persuaded to try this process at the salon that I visit for hair cuts or trims. I was hesitant at first but I once I took the plunge I was hooked. I spend so little time drying my hair now. I have long, thick, chemically relaxed hair and I used to have to wet set it, then blow out to get the results that I get now. Now I just blow dry (without a brush) after coming out, spray with a little oribe royal blow out and it looks healthy and great. When I would blow dry before it would look great for only one day before looking flat. Now it has body all week. I wash my hair once a week with an oribe shampoo and then condition with the oribe mask. Works really well for me - and a lot less breakage. Highly recommend for people with relaxed hair - lasts over 4 months so twice a year is good enough.

Ceci (08/02/2015)

It is an amazing product. I do dot need to go to the hair salon to straight my hair up with the hair dryer or flat iron. I do it by myself at home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this product to anyboby that has curly or frizzy hair to look shiny,silky, and straight.

Maria (02/02/2015)

This product is the best fast acting,amazing quality keratin Ive ever tried. This is a top hair product.

meeshellboyd (30/01/2015)

I'm completely satisfied with this product. I had wavy hair, and now I don't even have to use a hair drier. It stands straight all day long and I live in a very humid area, right on the beach. Take jn consideration that it takes about 2 hours to complete the process. Definitely I would buy it again.

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