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Truss K Recovery 3D Shine

Truss K Recovery 3D Shine

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The kit Includes:

-650ml (22.88oz)  K. Recovery

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K. Recovery 22.88 fl. oz.

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Product Description:

The K Recovery 3D Shine salon treatment is a professional conditioning recovery treatment with multiple uses, formulated with collagen, polosil, sericine, nano repair and keratin. The treatment repairs the interior cortex of the hair, while also restoring the exterior of the hair strands. Packed with amino acids, K Recovery 3D Shine protects hair from damage caused by bleach and other harsh chemicals while rejuvenating and revitalizing strands.

K Recovery 3D Shine can be used in conjunction with other Truss products to address each client’s specific needs and create a customized, full-service, in-salon experience. See four ways that Truss’ K Recovery 3D Shine can be utilized, below.

Method 1: “Keratin Shock”
This treatment restores up to 80% of damaged hair and infuses hair with added keratin proteins.

Method 2: “Restore”
Quick, in-salon, add-on service that can be added to blow out. Helps repair damage.

Method 3: “Keratin Restore”
Restores and replenishes hair. This treatment is done with the Truss Exclusive Vapor Flat Iron.

Method 4: Pre-Bleaching with Truss K Recovery 3D Shine
Treatment prior to bleaching services to guarantee a stronger hair before chemical services.

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About Truss Cosmetics:

TRUSS has an impressive presence in more than 9 countries and offers a high-end complete hair care line to professional stylists and can be found in the finest hair salons of the world. Constantly investing in innovative active ingredients and high technology, TRUSS insists to continuously exceeding expectations by delivering results that are incredibly noticeable from the first application, creating instant customer loyalty amongst its consumers, also known as #crazyfortruss! Although TRUSS may be considered a young brand by some, it has built a consolidated 14 years of absolute success and credibility wherever it goes. Currently taking the United States by storm, the brand offers to the American beauty market, the most exquisite hair products in the world!

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