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Step 2 Royal Lyss Premium Keratin Mutari

Step 2 Royal Lyss Premium Keratin Mutari

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The kit Includes:

500ml (16.9 oz) Premium Reconstructor

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* Premium Reconstructor Reducer 

Description: promotes straightening and cuticle alignment. Soft, silky hair with intense shine.

Results: Ultra-straight, malleable, restructured strands, natural bounce, no volume and intense shine.

Active ingredients: Argan oil, Amazon Trat®, Caribbean palm tree oil, Immortelle flower and Tahitian Monoi oil.


500ml | 16.9 fl oz

Product Reviews

Julia S. (26/03/2015)

After my hair lost it's natural glow when I dyed it blonde, I began looking for a hair oil to restore its healthy sheen. Not only does the Royal Premiuml have a wonderful smell, it made my hair silky soft and gave it a lustrous shine. Do not fadered! Thank you very much.

Ricardo Gonzalez (22/03/2015)

I loved the product. Worked well by following the directions I found online. My hair is super frizzy, curly and now its smooth without any effort after washing it.

Margareth M. (22/03/2015)

I highly recommend Mutari. First of all this company has ALWAYS been up front with it's ingredient. It's formoldehyde free. The results from Royal Lyss are like no other. You hair literally feels like silk. The only reason you should be wary of using this product is if your hair is extremely damaged. There is nothing in this product that will damage your hair BUT your hair needs to be able to withstand a flat iron at a high heat. The other great thing about Royal Lyss is that you can control the amount of volume you leave in the hair and the amount of curl you leave in the hair. If you want to leave your curls and just smooth your frizz then you flat iron base to ends. If you want to elimate as much curl as possible you use a "stepping" motion when flat ironing and use the Turbo Liss. If you use Turbo Liss your hair will be very straight. But don't use it in parts of your hair that it's not very curly.

ArtbeautyOnline (21/03/2015)

Dear Laura, The Royal Lyss Premium keratin treatment is a necessity for all those suffering the effects of over-processed bleached or highlighted hair and also for brunette hair too. That's why is a Premium Treatment. This treatment is highly unique and harnesses the strengthening and glossing properties of a Brazilian keratin treatment with the anti-yellowing properties of a purple or violet shampoo.

Laura Wolfhart (21/03/2015)

I'm looking forward to trying out one called Royal Lyss Premium treatment. From what I've read it has no silicone, sulfates or parabens and it's much gentler on all hair types, plus it comes with its own pre treatment shampoos and mask. Is it good for blond hair too?

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