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Step 2 Royal Lyss Gold Keratin Mutari

Step 2 Royal Lyss Gold Keratin Mutari

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The kit Includes:

1000ml (33.8 oz)Gold Reconstructor

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*Gold Reconstructor Reducer

Blond hair or blond/golddred or brown highlights

Results: Intensively treated hair fiber, naturally straight, malleable. Restored and sealed split ends.

Active ingredients: Acid 3D complex, Argan oil, Amazon Trat®, Royalty Blend, Tahitian Monoi oil.

Specifications: 1000ml | 33.8 fl oz

Product Reviews

Corbett Silas (22/03/2015)

This treatment is the greatest thing going. I have thick wavy hair and live in florida where the humidity hovers around 90% in the summer. i had the treatment 5 weeks ago, have washed my hair many times and it has not gotten frizzy or curly, even when raining. it makes the hair straight, silky and shiny. i can't rave enough about it.

Susan (22/03/2015)

Hi ladies, I have been using the Royal Lyss keratin since the last summer 2012. Because of my active lifestyle, ( I do 2 hours at the gym 4 times a week) my hair gets dry and frizzy. The Royal Lyss keratin worked wonders. it has maintained the silkiness I loved to have before all my exercising days. give it a try you can buy it directly from Artbeauty.

Pecurina (22/03/2015)

Shiny and straight, I could run my fingers through it. NO frizz at all. It turned out to be MUCH more than I expected. I had read many things online, and figured my hair would still be somewhat wavy, but frizz free. I never dreamed it would be perfect and beautiful and straight without any styling at all. I guess only time will tell how it holds up. In the future I will skip the shine spray since it seemed to make my roots oily (a problem which I never dreamed I'd have lol). I am in love with Royal Lyss keratin :)! I do have one question to anyone who knows, I know products must be sulfate free, and alchohol fee, but, does cetyl alcohol count? I have several products which seem to contain cetyl alchohol, even my sulfate free shampoo, so I would really like to know. Thanks!

Gabina (21/03/2015)

I have had two keratin treatments--one was the Royal Lyss brand and one was another brand.. I had a half off Groupon for the non-Brazilian brand. While the "non-brand" did smooth my hair and reduce the frizz, I did not get that amazing shine that I have seen on other people's hair. I did not experience any breakage or other negative side effects. So, I found a salon ( in San Francisco) that offered the Royal Lyss brand. I paid the full price ($350), and had this done one week before my wedding in Hawaii, where the humidity would have just made me a walking frizz ball. The process was the same as other posters have mentioned. The stylist said that at the other salon, they probably did not put enough product in my hair. There were definitely fumes. I had Aveda color (I'm a brunette) done at the same time. And I must say, my hair has not been this beautiful for a very long time. I have the most amazing shine. I couldn't be happier.

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