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Speed Liss Oats and Honey 1000ml

Speed Liss Oats and Honey 1000ml

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The Kit Includes:

-1000ml (35 oz) Speed Liss Keratin Treatment

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New Packing!

Brazilian Keratin is a revolutionary, keratin-based hair treatment originating in Brazil that truly transforms the hair. Keratin, the primary protein of hair, nails and skin, is a natural substance which helps return hair to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state. Unlike other techniques,... straightening with SPEED LISS Brazilian Keratin replenishes the condition of the hair without changing or damaging its molecular structure. It can be used on all hair types


-SPEED LISS has maintained its own scientific research facilities for years, and SPEED LISS Brazilian Keratin formulations have always been the industry’s most advanced. Luxury-quality SPEED LISS was a break-through in the technology. It is made with a patented, 11 stage process which refines and concentrates ingredients to the maximum degree scientifically possible, processing 24-karat gold down to its smallest nano-particles. The gold is then able to permeate the hair, working in tandem with the keratin to bring about an un-paralleled transformation.
-SPEED LISS Brazilian Keratin products are the industry’s highest quality, formulated at the source, using the most advanced technology available. Why would you use entrust your clients’ hair to other brand


-SPEED LISS offers the most authentic, highest quality Brazilian Keratin products on the market today. Any stylist who has used SPEED LISS Brazilian Keratin products will tell you: they are more effective and last longer than other keratin-based treatments, producing significantly more volume-reduction and far more shine.

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