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New Liss Hair Botox Bom-tox Argan Oil Capilar Treatment 1Kg + Shampoo

New Liss Hair Botox Bom-tox Argan Oil Capilar Treatment 1Kg + Shampoo

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The kit Includes:

- 1000g  Bom-tox Argan Oil
- 1000ml  Anti Residue Shampoo

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In addition to repairing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80 to 90 percent, on average.

The treatment can be used on virgin or chemically treated hair, over other relaxing or straightening treatments, leaving hair straight and hydrated.

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How to use:

01 - Wash the hair with a shampoo anti-residuo.

02 - 80% dry hair removing all moisture.

03 - Divide the hair into 6 parts.

04 - Apply New Liss Hair Botox starting with the root (keeping 1cm away) and with a brush and comb, spread the product to the fullest extent in the hair.

05 - Leave to act from 10 to 20 minutes.

06 - After the pause time, rinse lightly removing only the excess product (Note: it is important to leave an amount of botox on hair for best results.)

07 - Dry and brush your hair.

08 - Then separate the hair into thin strands and use the flat iron 7 to 10 times on each strand.

Ready! Now just display your beautiful hair!


 This is a brand new sealed product 100% Original from Brazil.

Itens will be promptly shipped from Brazil and tracking number will be provided.

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