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Moroccan Inoar - Keratin Treatment 980ml

Moroccan Inoar - Keratin Treatment 980ml

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The Kit Includes:

-980 ml (35 oz) Anti Residue Shampoo
-980 ml (35 oz) Inoar Moroccan Treatment

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Inoar Moroccan Keratin Treatment Kit Original 1 Liter (33.8 oz) straightening

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The Inoar Brazilian Keratine Treatment contains keratin, white clay and cacao oil. Its formula is rich in minerals repairs the damaged hair, restoring its natural beauty. 

It promotes deep cleaning, clears the scalp pores and replenishes keratin, restoring strength and softness. 
An original Moroccan formula held by Inoar, it treats and damaged and brisk hair efficiently and with 
long-lasting effects.

It`s designed to treat and straighten hard to manage hair in efficient and long-lasting manner. In addition to reparing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80% to 90%, on average. Great cost benefit (up to 20 applications per kit).

For all hair Types

In addition to repairing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80 to 90 percent, on average.

The treatment can be used on virgin or chemically treated hair, over other relaxing or straightening treatments, leaving hair straight and hydrated.


·1) Wash hair using special shampoo. Dry 80% of hair with blow dryer

·2) Place a sufficient amount of the treatment into a bowl for easy access. 

·3) Apply the product with a brush starting about 0.5 inches from the scalp. 

·4) Dry the hair completely with the blow dryer at the medium setting. It is NOT necessary to brush the hair straight. 

·5) Apply the flat iron at 356 Fahrenheit into small sections, at least 7 to 10 times in each section in order to seal particles completely. 

·6) If desired, complete the process with a brush. You may wash or secure the hair within one hour.

Made in Brazil by Inoar Cosmetics

Product Reviews

Iliboods (06/03/2015)

Bad. Do not recommend it. It did not do what I expected. I tried others before and they were very good but Inoar did not impress me.

Mimi (26/01/2015)

Today was my first use. I took the treatment to my stylist so she can apply it. I followed the instruccion with the exception that I didnt wash my hair right away. I left the product on until the next day. While drying my hair my eyes were burning and thats the only complaint i have so far. My hair is super straight at the moment. I will leave another review letting you guys know about my final result. Second day: today I washed my hair with the kit I purchase from Inoar and my hair is super soft and shiny. Frizz free!! What I like about the product is that it gave me a natural look. Im extremely happy with the product and highly recomend it.!!

mshops (26/01/2015)

I tried this product about a year ago and had a horrible experience. However I used it again a few weeks ago and took more precaution and my hair looks amazing. The first time I used this product I did not know what to expect. It had amazing reviews in Brazil and I have very kinky curly hair that is very difficult to work with. I have been going to professional salons since I was a child and they have always struggled to deal with my hair. I got desperate and asked about a Brazilian blowout. After finding out the price to have it done in a salon I started looking elsewhere. I came across this product on eBay and after doing much research decided the price was worth it. I followed the steps exactly but wish I would have known to be more prepared. First time use Pros and Cons: Pros: Made my hair more tolerable No frizz Could withstand harsh weather Made my hair smooth Cons: My eyes burned so bad I could not see My throat burned and left me feeling sick for weeks The smell was horrible and overwhelming Fumes given off when flat ironing seem very toxic My hair felt rough after using the shampoo So after having a bad experience the first time I waited a year before attempting to do it again. This time I was prepared. I purchased a mask to cover my mouth and wore protection over my eyes. I also applied the product in an open well ventilated area (Also going in and out side for fresh air). Prepared hair: Before doing the treatment this time I did a deep conditioning treatment. I followed the steps very carefully. Once I got to the point where I needed to blow dry my hair, I went to the window and ran a fan to push the fumes out side. I also did the same when flat ironing. You can wash your hair same day with this product but if you leave it on as you would if you went to a salon (3-5 days) the results are astounding. There is a smell in your hair that's noticeable the first day but once you get through that it goes away. Pros and Cons: Pros: This time I had no agitation to my eyes, burning of the throat and the smell did not get to me. My hair was silky smooth the next morning My hair had never felt healthier and had an amazing shine After several days my hair was still pin straight and I got a lot of positive feed back. Easy to straighten Easy to manage Cons: It does take a lot of work to prepare for the treatment. The smell was still strong but I had protection After using the shampoo my hair still felt rough After I washed my hair for the first time I hardly had any wave. I aired dried my hair and instead of a huge frizz ball my hair was relaxed and beautiful, easy to straighten afterwards and still incredibly soft. (I also used a deep conditioning hair mask after the first wash just in case but didn't find it necessary). Hope this helps!!

Jr Buckeye (26/01/2015)

Love this keratin treatment. It lasts longer than a lot of the other keratin treatments. It can sting your eyes so make sure you're in a well ventilated area when it's being applied. My hair is long, thick, coarse, and very curly/frizzy. This treatment makes my hair shiny and look great!!

Vy (25/09/2014)

This worked wonders to my hair. Made my hair frizzy-free and smooth. Its NOT a relaxer. Its suppose to get rid of the frizzys enough that you can straighten your hair with little to no trouble. My hair is soft, smooth and just amazing. Will purchase again! Easy to follow instructions.

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