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Moroccan Inoar - Keratin Treatment 250ml

Moroccan Inoar - Keratin Treatment 250ml

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The Kit Includes:

250ml (8.5 fl oz)  Shampoo Moroccan

250ml (8.5 fl oz) Thermal Reconstruction

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Inoar Moroccan Keratin Treatment Kit Original 250ml (8.5 fl oz) straightening

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The Inoar Brazilian Keratine Treatment contains keratin, white clay and cacao oil. Its formula is rich in minerals repairs the damaged hair, restoring its natural beauty. 

It promotes deep cleaning, clears the scalp pores and replenishes keratin, restoring strength and softness. 
An original Moroccan formula held by Inoar, it treats and damaged and brisk hair efficiently and with 
long-lasting effects.

It`s designed to treat and straighten hard to manage hair in efficient and long-lasting manner. In addition to reparing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80% to 90%, on average. Great cost benefit.

For all hair Types

In addition to repairing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80 to 90 percent, on average.

The treatment can be used on virgin or chemically treated hair, over other relaxing or straightening treatments, leaving hair straight and hydrated.


·1) Wash hair using special shampoo. Dry 80% of hair with blow dryer

·2) Place a sufficient amount of the treatment into a bowl for easy access. 

·3) Apply the product with a brush starting about 0.5 inches from the scalp. 

·4) Dry the hair completely with the blow dryer at the medium setting. It is NOT necessary to brush the hair straight. 

·5) Apply the flat iron at 356 Fahrenheit into small sections, at least 7 to 10 times in each section in order to seal particles completely. 

·6) If desired, complete the process with a brush. You may wash or secure the hair within one hour.

Made in Brazil by Inoar Cosmetics

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