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Glamour Rubi Cadiveu Plus - Keratin Treatment 500ml

Glamour Rubi Cadiveu Plus - Keratin Treatment 500ml

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The Kit Includes:
-500ml (17 oz) Anti Residue Shampoo

-500ml (17 oz) Glamour Rubi Treatment

-500ml (17 oz) Glamour Mask Treatment

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Amazing results guaranteed!

Hair becomes deeply nourished, soft, frizz-free and restored.


After much research, Cadiveu Professional has launched the Sugarcane Cysteine®, a unique technology by Cadiveu Professional to make hair smooth and frizz-free.

The unique formulation of Glamour Restructuring offers the combination of Sugarcane Cysteine® and Ruby in order to give smooth effect and promote nutrition and shine to the hair.

Recommendation: Volumous hair or frizzy hair.

Result: Hair naturally, smooth, shiny and frizz-free

Durability: About 2 months.

Benefits of Glamour Restructuring Natural Treatment

  • Quick and easy use

  • Can be used even with the most sensitive clients, as it is dermatologically approved

  • Safe and toxin free treatment

  • Economical, yields about 25 applications

Regulated Treatment

  • Contains no free aldehydes (formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde) or encapsulated aldehydes (imidazolidynil urea, DMDM Hydantoin etc.).

  • Totally complies with Health Surveillance (Brazil), FDA and OSHA (United States) and Health (Canada) regulations

  • Produces no fumes or strong smell

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Does not irritate the skin or scalp

  • Does not irritate eyes or throat

Product Reviews

Nargiza (18/03/2017)

Good afternoon i wanted to ask if i can ordered separate and how uch for each bottle?

ArtbeautyOnline (02/10/2015)

Dear Hiba, Yes, It's one of the safest and toxin free treatment. Can be used even with the most sensitive clients, as it is dermatologically approved, It was specially made for sensitive skin. Glamour contains Sugarcane Cysteine® and Ruby. Yes, we ship to UAE.

Hiba (02/10/2015)

Hi , just to assured more is it safe really or just marketing , many of products been written in label no formeldhyde but other same chemical added .. And regarding to shipment is there any shipping to UAE ..

ArtbeautyOnline (13/05/2015)

Dear Lujain shalaby, Testing has not been done on this, so the manufacturers suggest waiting until you are done nursing before having the treatment done. AtbeautyOnline does not recommend the perform of the service on women who are pregnant or nursing. If you are considering a keratin treatment while pregnant, don’t just take the stylist’s word that it’s safe. Ask for the ingredients and/or brand name and manufacturer, contact them, and run it by your OB. Remember, your OB isn’t a hairdresser either! So it is important to explain how it will be used; tell your Doc the formula will be applied to your hair, blowdried in, then ironed at as much as 450 degrees. During this last step, there will inevitably be chemical fumes. In most cases, it is then left in the hair for 48-96 hours.

Lujain shalaby (12/05/2015)

I have been using it for 2 years But now I am pregnant I want to know is it protein or keratin ??? It contains formaldehyde or no ??.

Dhalma Bean (26/01/2015)

I'm pretty much addicted to keratin treatments, but wanted to try something different instead of the coppola (too many fumes). This did not disapoint at all. The keratin itself is like a thick white hair conditioning mask, so easy to apply. Another plus-you can wash, wear and style all in the same day! No waiting for 3 days to wash. After I rinsed my hair, it legit felt like silk. And it looks like I flatironed my hair after washing, I don't even need to blowdry. My new fave!

ArbeautyOnline (26/01/2015)

This is a Keratin Treatment for smooth and straight the hair.

Ana Carolina (26/01/2015)

I've been using this for about 1,5 years and I have never tried anything better. I am very allergic to chemicals in general, and this is the only product that hasn't caused any reactions. I apply it myself, but I'd advise to pay a professional to do it. The steps are the same as in the Brazilian Blowout.

Rasha (16/07/2014)

is this product karitin or protine?

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