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Ghair Inoar - Keratin Treatment 980ml

Ghair Inoar - Keratin Treatment 980ml

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The Kit Includes:

980ml (34 oz)  Shampoo Ghair

980ml (34 oz) Thermal Reconstruction

980ml (34 oz) Repair Balm

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Inoar Ghair Treatment is a fotifying formula for chemically damaged hair, specially with highlights

Ghair Anti-Volume helps with keratin replacement of dry, damaged hair, turning it soft ad manageable

Ghair Finishing Mask, alows deep hydration, hair cuticle closure and guarantees a special effect for a chemical finalization, neutralizing alkaline residue

It`s designed to treat and straighten hard to manage hair in efficient and long-lasting manner. In addition to reparing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80% to 90%, on average. Great cost benefit (up to 20 applications per kit).

For all hair Types

In addition to repairing damaged hair, the product reduces volume by 80 to 90 percent, on average.

The treatment can be used on virgin or chemically treated hair, over other relaxing or straightening treatments, leaving hair straight and hydrated.

    Product is imported legally into the USA.

Product Reviews

Lilianuy (06/03/2015)

Actually I heard about the profuct from my friend i used amazonia brazillian keratin begore and it eas good but i heard that inoar is better and after trying the inoar I didn't like it . It has adore smell and after I wash it its not soft and shiny as it supposed to be plus my curls is back after 3 weeks... ;( will try another product next time

Crys Myers (26/01/2015)

I love it!!!! I used this product in Brazil and since then my hair has been much better, last up to 3 mo and I do not rinse off at the same day I learned over in Brazil that the longer you leave on the better results you get it and I leave for 3 days and turns out to be the most beautiful results ever!!!!! Great Product

Kate (26/01/2015)

Even though this stuff made my hair smoother it was only for a week or two. They got back to damaged state 2 weeks later. Moreover it burnt my eyes terribly I was crying and couldn't see what I was doing. My throat and nose were burning also. This is extremely toxic stuff. Even though I used protective glasses and face mask I still had to leave the room every other minute to get some fresh air and wash my eyes. All that torture was not worth it so after a few attempts I threw it away. The only thing I left was a mask. I liked it. But buying that whole kit only for the mask is not worth it.

ArtbeautyOline (20/12/2014)

sí, tenemos. Frete: USD 22. Coloque el producto en la cesta de la compra y la carga será adicinodo.

Juliet Tombe (17/12/2014)

Soy profecional en el area de bellza y deseo comprar el kit tienes envio a NEW Zealand y cuanto seria su balor total

ArtbeautyOnline (17/09/2014)

Yes. We ship it to Espana. We ship worlwide. You just have to include the item on your cart and proceed to check out. The shipping costum will be included in the total amount.

Ana (21/05/2014)

Soy profesional de peluquería estoy interesada en el kit de inoar ghair . Si tenéis envió a España y cual sería su precio .gracias

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