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Floractive W one Two Flex Nano Protein

Floractive W one Two Flex Nano Protein

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The kit Includes:

500ml (18 oz)  W one Floractive Two

500ml (18 oz)  W one Floractive Two 

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W. One Floractive Nano Protein, Progressive Hair Straightening.


Due to the success of the W-one to Floractive Launches W-Flex Two nano-protein No Formaldehyde For Blondes

 Apply, use and bump! Blond Treaties, Tinted and without frizz. Floractive W-Two Flex Revolucinaria (ORGANIC) Just one Step 1000ml What hairdresser who love not reduce the time of a Keratin Treatment procedure? The anti-waste shampoos, used this first procedure to open the cuticle of the wire, and leave the very dry hair and difficult to comb take up much time professional. Thinking about the practicality and agility during treatment, Floractive just launched on the market the W-Two Flex , a Keratin Treatment with just one step, very practical and fast, it does not need washing the hair to apply the product, which reduces up to 40 minutes in the time of the procedure. The W-Flex Two intracellular promoting nutrition was developed with nanotechnology, which allows the hair is not rinsed. Its effect reconstructs the fiber, leaving it shiny, frizz-free and smooth durable effect.

Product Reviews

ArtbeautyOnline (06/03/2016)

Dear Maria Jose, It may be only applied the product for light blond hair and the product to dark blond or if desired, mix the two W-Two for a new nuance of shading.

María José (25/02/2016)

hola quería saber si este alisado lo pueden usar cabellos teñidos rubios. Y si los dos botes son el mismo producto. ¿Después habría que lavarlo con algún champú especial? gracias

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