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Di-Biazzi Botox Hair - 1000g

Di-Biazzi Botox Hair - 1000g

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The kit Includes:

-1000g  Di-Biazzi Botox Hair 

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Di-Biazzi Botox Hair - 1000g

Promotes restoration of capillary mass lost by chemical and daily aggressions, retrieves the wires and provides natural smooth effect leaving you with a perfect hair, check!

The Di Biazzi Hair Botox is suitable for all hair types and is compatible with any type of chemical, its unique formula with natural properties as Special Keratin and Sericin acts returning the hair mass and recovering the entire structure of the wire lost by the constant use of chemical . aging and the aggressions of everyday life and thermal tools. 

The Botox Di Biazzi besides intensely hydrate and recover wires returning the necessary health promotes Hair Smoothing and Reducing Volume leaving a soft, silky hair without frizz and hydrated 



- Return of Capillary Missing Mass by daily aggressions; 
- Provides healthy hair life; - Reduces volume and smooth wires, . 
- moisturizes, nourishes and eliminates frizz 

Step by step:

- First wash the hair with a Deep Cleaning Shampoo massaging throughout the length of the wires, if necessary, repeat the procedure. 
- dry hair and divide into 4 parts; 
- Apply Di Biazzi Botox capillary with the aid of a brush and a comb spread the roots to the ends (Keep 1cm ??of the scalp );
- Let stand 10-30 minutes depending on the hair type; 
- Rinse to remove all the product and with the help of the dryer to remove moisture from the wires; 
- Brush and separate the hair into thin slivers passing the board 7-10 times each strand.

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