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Cacau Cadiveu - Brazilian Blowout!

Cacau Cadiveu - Brazilian Blowout!


The Kit Includes:

- 980ml (34 oz) Deep Cleansing Shampoo
980ml (35 oz) Thermal Reconstruction
980ml (34 oz) Repair Balsam Mask

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Kit Cadiveu Keratin Treatment Cacau  100% STRAIGHT - Brazilian Blowout!

Cadiveu Brasil Cacau
Transforms curly hair and bulky in: straight hair without frizz effect, hydrated, with extreme brightness and strengthened.
Exclusive formula Cadiveu.
Product without chemical can be used on any hair type. Specific to smooth the hair gently, offering results
natural, very bright and malleability. Restores and strengthens the wire.

How to Use
- Wet hair and wash them with the Pre Shampoo Treatment Cadiveu. This step expands the pores and cuticles to penetrate better nutrition Brush intelligent.
- Rinse.
- Dry the hair with the dryer partially averaged 70%.
- Untangling the wires, in separate quarters and hold them with tabs, to facilitate the process.
- Put gloves silicone and apply the wire brush intelligent, lock the lock, with the help of brush and comb, enough to cover each strand to avoid applying it on the scalp.
- Distribute the product evenly on the wires and remove excess product with the comb and towel ums.
- 100% dry hair without brushing.
- Pass the plate 4 times on each strand.
- Rinse the wires and apply the Restorative Mask Cadiveu to seal the cuticle, the Ph balance and secure a smooth effect. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse again.
-Dry wires as usual. 

It is important to apply a small amount of product evenly throughout your hair. Remove excess with a towel.
- Dry without brushing her hair with the dryer on high power heat.
- For curly hair it is recommended a relaxation or smoothing prior to ensure a better result. Can be used on any hair type with any type of chemical.

After the treatment, to enable a smoother effect, it is important to use a heat source in the wires (drier). The effect will be maintained for smooth on 3 months.

Expected Results
- Wavy hair and voluminous, smooth and without frizz
- Curls: reduction of volume, wavy without frizz - for smoothing the result of first applying, you need to do before relaxing / straightening
- Ethnic hair: reduction of volume and no frizz - for smoothing the result of first applying, you need to do before relaxing / straightening

 Ingredients: Keratin, Special Silicones, Panthenol and Cocoa.

This product is 100% Original from Brazil

Product Reviews

ArtbeautyOnline (10/02/2016)

Dear Inga, Sorry. We don`t sell it.

Inga Stina (10/02/2016)

Do you have the one with formaldehyd?

Dianne (08/01/2016)

ArtbeautyOnline (20/03/2015)

Dear Ashley, Unfortunally we are out of stock of Cacau Cadiveu. And all others brazilian sellers too. Cacau Cadiveu is no longer being selled in Brazil anymore. May we replace your item by Plastica dos Fios – Cadiveu? We would like to inform you the difference between Cacau Cadiveu and Plastica dos Fios Cadiveu. All of them are Keratin Nourishing Treatment and have the Kit composition very similar. And it works by Fortifing hair by adding strength and improving elasticity. The formula active Ingredients are almost the same, and the results are similar. The only diference is the essence. Cacau Cadiveu is made by cocoa and Plastica dos fios is made by Açai Berry.

ashley (19/03/2015)

When will this be back in stock?? how much?? this is litertally the best straightening treatment ever!

Lucia (11/01/2015)

Lucia (27/11/2014)

Paria (13/11/2014)


Nidal Abu Shkair (30/07/2014)

I want your mobile number

Filipe (24/03/2014)

This is the best Keratin Treatment Ever!

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