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Amazonliss 250 ml 8.45 fl.oz by Nutree Professional

Amazonliss 250 ml 8.45 fl.oz by Nutree Professional

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The kit Includes:

  • - 250ml (8.45 oz) Shampoo Anti-Residue 
  • - 250ml (8.45 oz)   Keratin Smoothing 
  • - 250ml (8.45 oz)   Repair Mask 

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    Brazilian Reconstruction S?mple Kit, Professional Treatment for 1 procedure.

    Amazon Liss is a Anti-frizz Treatment System with high power of regeneration of the hair fiber due to the action of Hydrolyzed Keratin and Antioxidant properties of the Acai and Cocoa, natural extracts from Amazon – Brazil that penetrate the cuticle, rebuilding its structure, hydrating and restoring hair damaged, providing a smooth hair and absolute maximum brightness for up to 16 weeks.


    Step 1: Anti-Residue Shampoo 33 fl. oz 

    Anti-Residue Shampoo works by opening the cuticle up, and preparing the hair for absorbtion of the keratin. The shampoo has a high ph, so it provides a deep cleaning by removing the residue of the products accumulated in the hair fiber, leaving hair extremely clean.

    Due to the Alkaline pH the shampoo deep clean removing the residue of products accumulated in the hair fiber, leaving the hair extremely clean and cuticles opened and prepared for receveing the Brazilian Smoothing Treatment.

    Step 2: Brazilian Smoothing 33 fl. oz  

    Treatment It is one of the strongest keratins on the market. New technology not only allows the product to provide best results, but also makes application easy, while removing unnecessary order. So you get the best of both worlds: strong keratin that provides results, with less fumes and smell for the procedure. The treatment provides discipline, shine, softness, smooth and frizzfree to the hair.

    Step 3: Brazilian Smoothing 33 fl. oz  

    Treatment Intensive Repair Mask, serves as a closing step in the Brazilian Reconstruction Procedure. It provides maximum hydration and softness to the hair.

    The Intensive Repair Mask provides maximum hydration and softness to the hair extending the smooth effect.


    • Absolut smoothing effect and extreme brightness
    • Deep hydration and nutrition
    • Thermal protection
    • Longer durability of the treatment: 16 weeks
    • Improve the health of the hair. No damage
    • Fast application: 90 minutes
    • Suitable for all texture hair


    • Acai
    • Cacau
    • Rice
    • Soy
    • Wheat
    • Corn



    Wash the hair with Anti Residue Shampoo, massaging into a lather. Leave for 5 minutes. Rinse. Repeat the operation for virgin hair or resistant hair.

    Use a hair dryer and hands to dry hair to about 85% dry.

    Section the hair into 6 equal parts with hair clips.

    Apply / Dry

    Apply the Brazilian Smoothing Treatment in one section starting from the base of head. Open the section in half and apply the product on the upper and lower parts of the section. Use a fine-tooth comb to comb through the entire section, from the roots to the ends, making sure the whole length of hair is covered by the product. Do not over-saturate.


    With the hair dryer set to cold air, dry the two section completely without brushing. Repeat on all sides of the section.


    Divide the hair into four parts and then flat iron the hair from 8 to 10 times from root to the middle of the strands, and from 4 to 6 times on to the ends, the flat iron temperature should range between 380 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit (using lover temperatures for hair that is more damaged).

    Repeat the iron straightening process in all the hair, always making sure to take fine and linear strands of hair throughout the entire head. Always position the flat iron at a 90o angle (perpendicular to the scalp) to achieve a straight result starting from the roots.


    Rinse the hair.
    Apply the Intensive Repair Mask and work it throughout the hair. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse again.

    Blow dry the hair.

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