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Agi Max Solleir- MAGIC - Kit 500ml

Agi Max Solleir- MAGIC - Kit 500ml

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The Kit Includes:

- 500ml (17 oz)  Anti Residue Shampoo 

500ml (17 oz)  Agi Max Magic

- 500ml (17 oz)  Balsam Mask

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Progressive Hair Volume with Deep Hydration

Reduce the volume by up to three months. It brings back hair brightness and replaces protein mass lost by chemical and mechanical procedures.

    • Deep Cleaning Shampoo #1 Agi Max Magic

      Made out of a natural active that removes impurities and excess of oil.

    • Keratin #2 Agi Max Magic

      Acts inside of hair cortex replenishing proteins & deep treating it, it’s of immediate efficacy

    • Mask #3 Agi Max Magic

      Finishing product that restores hair vitamins and nutrients providing protection to the fibers and complementing the professional treatment with Agimax Magic


Step 1:

Wash hair with shampoo deep cleaning two or three times (or until hair is clean). Rinse thoroughly. Pay close attention to the Neck and areas behind the ears.

Step 2:

Dry out hair 100% using blower to proceed with straightening process. Do not comb or brush hair while wet. Do not use conditioner.

Step 3:

Divide hair into 4 parts, place Agimax Magic # 2 in a non-metallic container and using a coloring brush spread a tiny quantity of the product layer by layer, starting from the back of the neck and going up to the top of the head. Use a comb to help spreading the product and take excess off. Hair can not be wet just moist. Keep approximately 1cm from the root.

Step 5:

Divide hair into 4 parts again and start with the brushing process layer by layer using a blower until hair feels lose. Then apply the ceramic board on small hair layers from 10 to 20 times on each layer.

Step 6:

After application of the board wait 10 minutes for the hair to cool down. Take the client to the lavatory and thoroughly rinse hair with water (preferably at room temperature).

Step 7:

At the lavatory Apply Agimax Finish Balsam 3 in the hair massaging for about 03 minutes. Repeat the rinse process preferably with cold water.

Step 8:

Finish drying hair without brushing it. Use hands only.

Warnings and Precautions:

- Protect from light, humidity and heat;

- Keep out of reach of children.


60ml / 500ml.

Product Reviews

Renata (20/02/2015)

I am Brazilian, but living in the U.S for a year. Back home, I used to get the keratin blow out with a professional (got it 5X), but not w/ this same brand. I do this treatment not to have a flat hair appearance, but rather to get rid of some some undesirable waves at the back and some frizzy parts at the laterals and top. In order to save money and not have to wait 4 months to get it done in Brazil again, I decided to give a try. Before that, I did some search on the product reputation in Brazil....which I found is pretty good. My overall experience was great. I did the procedure by myself...the product has a pleasant smell, easy to apply, and the fumes were much less than I expected (due to my previous experiences in the hair dresser). But you should consider to apply it in an space with good ventilation to avoid watering eyes. The results I got were EXACTLY the same I used to get in Brazil. Very shine, smooth and frizz-free hair. However, my hair is not very thick and curly...If you have a lot of volume and curls, you might not get the same result I did. Or maybe you might wait more time between step 2 and 3, for the product to act longer in the hair. The bottles are very tiny...smaller than I expected...Even though the images can be considered deceivers...the specifications oz./ml were clear about it. Surprisingly, for my hair which is medium length (shoulders), I could save half for another application :-) The only problem is that if you are not a Portuguese speaker, you might have some extra work to translate the instructions. They should consider at least to add Spanish and English on that!!! I am pretty sure that I will go with the do-yourself on that from now on...even when I go back to Brazil for good.

Audrey E. Murphy (14/02/2015)

I bought this product because my hair gets frizzy in the summer humidity and we were going to the beach and taking family photos while there. I wanted my hair to stay straight and not frizz in the afternoon heat. The straightener was easy to use and made my hair very manageable with no frizziness. I like that if I want to wear my hair wavy I still can, but without the frizz, and if I want to blow dry it straight, it stays straight all day, as well. The only thing I would mention is do not color your hair before using this product. It definitely takes the color out and makes it even a little lighter. I had just had it colored with medium brown two weeks before using it and my hair was almost blond afterwards. I did recolor it the next day, even though it said to wait two weeks before coloring, and it held the color and there was no damage. I love this product and will definitely use it again.

Tassia (08/02/2015)

I used this product when I was in Brazil, around 4 years ago. A salon professional did it on my hair and I loved the result. Here in the U.S. is way too expensive to have a professional doing it for you, so I decided to by the kit and do it myself. It took me 3 hours to complete all phases and I couldn't believe how great was the result. My hair is extremely soft and shiny. Now takes me 15 min to flat iron my hair instead of 40.Attention: you definitely will need gloves, and do it outside or with a fan right close to you. The smell is strong. I even used a mask.

Valdosta (05/02/2015)

I used google translate...here ya go...i will edit this after i use the product to let you know how it works...ok...so i see they have the English instructions on here already...I've got the treatment processing in my hair at the moment...just to give you an idea of how thick my hair really is...my hair is also very strong...my instructor tested it with some sort of device when I was in beauty school about 15 years ago and it was the strongest and the most elastic in the class so we shall see if this thinly spread product helps tame my mane...well I'm all done...that took FOREVER, but I'd rather be up on my feet that long than spend 400 dollars at the salon...the product itself burned my eyes like when i cut up onions...if you don't handle strong chemicals well, you might want to run a fan while you are doing this or you could get some non prescription contacts...I've heard they help block out strong chemicals and onions and the like that affect the eyes...so my hair is pretty darn soft even in the front where my hair didn't get very much of the chemicals on it...it's not shiny though like i thought it would be...guess i should dye it to make it shine...i blew dried my hair after using the cream rinse that came in the box and i also added on It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In plus Keratin and Suave Keratin Infusion Smooth and Shine (yeah right) Serum...I'm happy with my purchase and will probably use it again...just wanted to add that everyone has been complimenting me on my hair...one close family friend even said it looked good enough to be wig hair! I've also noticed that i got some free highlights as an added bonus... Step 1. wash your hair in hot water with the shampoo clean for up to 1 - 04 times. Note the regions behind the ear and neck. Step 2. Thoroughly dry the hair with a hot dryer. This step is not necessary to brush. Only untangle the wires after drying. Step 3. Divide the hair into four parts. From forehead to nape and ear to ear. Step 4. Put enough of Agimax- 2 in a plastic container. With the help of a brush, begin to apply, lock to lock, the neck, going in direction to the top of the head (the hair should be just moistened the product). NOTE: The product should be applied ha 01 cm root. Step 5. Divide the hair again in four parts and start the brush wires, lock to lock. After brushing the area of the head, the app resumes from AgiMax- 2 on the sides of the head, and continue brushing. Make sure all the hair is completely dry. Step 6. After brushing, divide the hair into four parts to commence the app Plank ceramic or porcelain, lock to lock. Pass the plank at least 5 times on each strand, since the tip of the hair shaping inwards or outwards. Step 7. After the app plank, wait about ten minutes to allow the hair to cool. Then, take the customer to the washbasin, preferably with cool water. NOTE: Do not use shampoo to remove the product, only water. Step 8. In own washbasin, apply Balsamo Finish 3, massaging the wires for about 5 minutes. Comb your hair and rinse again, preferably con cold water. Step 9. Dry your hair with your fingers only, without brush, to view the result from treatment Agi Max System.

Brad Degenaars (02/02/2015)

This product worked great! I followed the directions, used my flat iron and I got serious results. I have always had curly hair but I really wanted manageable hair that I can style easily. I got soft, sleek hair that was super easy to blow dry. I can get my curls if I want them, but all I needed was a little blow drying to get the straight hair with no frizz I crave. Easy to do, not much smell at all. I'm wondering why was is not in stock but now it is and I am buying it again! Nice!

Marie (29/01/2015)

Ok I have to start off with the product works great for curly/wavy and frizzy hair. After using this my hair looked so healthy and shiny despite the super blonde highlights I have. The only problem I had was the instructions were in Portuguese so I had to try and figure things out and use a translator program before using. The other thing I noticed is that I had my hair colored the week prior to using this product and I did notice that my highlighted portions of hair did turn lighter in color which was ok. I still have curls when hair is wet but it is manageable and no frizz...easy blow drying for straight look and the product smelled great after the final rinse. This product lasted for 3 months but I did notice the second application my hair was even straighter than the first time. I love this product and will continue to use being that it did not damage my hair. I believe the sellers read this review because this last order included instructions in English. Thanks for that because I actually messed up the process the first time and understand why my hair is super straight the second time around.

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