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Agi Max Solleir- Keratin Treatment 1000ml

Agi Max Solleir- Keratin Treatment 1000ml

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The Kit Includes:

1000ml (34 oz)  Anti Residue Shampoo 

1000ml (34 oz)  Thermal Reconstruction 

1000ml (34 oz)  Balsam Mask

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The AGI MAX is an innovative process that transforms the hair without chemically altering the hair strands, but by sealing the hair in keratin. Keratin is the primary protein of the skin, hair and nails. The use of a keratin-based product adds moisture and strength to hair damaged by blow drying, coloring, and traditional relaxers.

What is the difference between a traditional relaxer and the AGI MAX? Traditional relaxers work by breaking the hair bonds and permanently changing the molecular structure of the hair. This method of straightening weakens and dehydrates the hair ultimately causing irreversible damage. Once the damage is done the only options are either learning to live with the poor results or cutting the hair. Furthermore, if your hair is color treated, processed, or already in poor condition the use of a traditional relaxer is strongly discouraged.

AGI MAX offers a gentle, commitment free alternative to anyone that wants to relax their hair but would like to avoid the destructive results of a traditional straightener. AGI MAX innovative treatments will never break the hair bonds, instead they will form a protective coating over the hair that will impart a brilliant shine.

No formaldehyde!



Wash hair with Agimax Shampoo Clean1 gently massaging the head until abundant foam. Repeat until hair is clean. Pay close attention to the neck and areas behind the ears.

Divide hair into four parts and apply enough quantity of Agimax Kera-X #2 using a brush to help spreading product and take the excess off. Comb hair layer by layer, drying hair to a 100%. Divide hair again into four parts and apply flat iron also layer by layer from 6 to 10 times each layer. Rinse hair and apply Agimax Magic Finishing Mask.

After removing the Instant Restore # 2 Kera-X System, apply the balm Finish # 3 Kera-X System and knead about 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Product Reviews

Nicki Lane (26/01/2015)

Excellent product great results. Easy to use once I googled for English instructions! This one pack did my whole hair which is very long so shorter hair would get two treatments. Need a well ventilated area as my eyes stung a little but great results on blow dry no straighteners needed. Will definitely buy again

Bore (25/01/2015)

Started using the Brazilian Keratin system when I visit Australia back in 2008 when I had curly, brown / dyed hair - it was a brilliant product, but contained formaldehyde - so I really wanted to use one that didn't. I now have blond hair - as was going rapidly grey - and hadn't found a product that worked as well as with my dyed, brown hair. Bought this one a while ago but only got around to trying it the other day. In the meantime, I had been to two different hairdressers in the UK using Keratin based smoothing products - neither really worked that well. I followed the instructions for this product to the letter - and went for maximum time leaving the product on my hair - being careful to spray my hair with water to ensure the product didn't dry out. My daughter then straightened it for me with my Babyliss Straighteners which reach the required, very hot temperature, for keratin to work effectively (GHDs don't get hot enough). The instructions say that you can wash the product out straight away - but I decided to leave it in for a couple of days. This morning, I gave my hair one more run over withe straighteners and then washed the product out. Treated it with the hair mask provided and then just left my hair to dry naturally. BRILLIANT RESULT. Much the straightest my hair has been for ages with no product on it and no blow drying / straightening. I have really curly hair naturally. If the product hasn't worked for others - then I would recommend leaving it on for longer, drying the hair properly during the treatment and, most importantly, using straighteners which definitely reach and maintain the required temperature; only straightening small portions of hair at a time and for the required number of passes. If you want straighter hair - I can thoroughly recommend this product - having used at least 5 others over the past few years.

Leda Cruz (13/10/2014)

The best keratin in the world! The first day you apply this in your hair you will notice dramatic change, the hair becomes soft, silky and very shiny. Definitely I recommend this product. Customer service is awsome. They respond very fast your questions and doubts.

Deity (08/10/2014)

If you have frizzy, thick curly hair this is the best treatment you can splurge yourself to. It will eliminate about 95% of the curl and frizz. Keratin restores and restructures hair. By infusing (letting product sit and flat ironing it in) the keratin goes deep onto the damaged cuticle and your hair will come out silky smooth and shiny. It also penetrates the hair follicle with a keratinous bond to promote healing. I normally buy the 16 or 32 ounce bottle because I use about 3 to 4 ounces per application since my hair is very dense. It can last up to 3 to 5 months depending on how often you wash your hair. I am not a professional hairdresser and did not want to spend $400 to get this done in a salon. The bottle does NOT come with detailed instructions, just a brief overview printed on it. I was able to find more detailed instructions online.

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