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3R Shield Brush Kit Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightener Treatment

 3R Shield Brush Kit Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightener Treatment

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The Kit Includes: 

-1000ml (34oz) Shampoo Equalizer

-1000ml (34oz)  Reducing Volume

-250ml (8.5oz) De Frizz Conditioner

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Neutralizing Shampoo 1 liter Equalize:

It has a unique professional formula that equalizes the PH and parties abused, recovering the wires and neutralizing the action of chemicals that harm the formation of lipids. Restores the wire surface and revitalizes fragile hair.

Volume reducing 1 liter:

Regenerator intensive wire with proteins (heat treatment) acts with proteins that penetrate the hair fibre giving a reduction of up to 90% of unruly hair, dry or with any chemical.
The combination of the natural nutrients, vitamins, oils, and conditioners noble proteins that reduce the volume by heat treatment, revitalizing damaged and bulky hair, making them shine and softness. An extra shine effect is provided at the hair tips.

De frizz Conditioner 250ml:

It is a special product for your hair because it is composed of silicones that help in reducing volume, control and regulate the wires, protecting the heat of the dryer or board, retaining moisture. It provides the final result hairstyle with more shine and softness.
Product Content:
1 x Shampoo Equalizer 1 litre
1 x Reducing Volume 1 litre
1 x De Frizz Conditioner 250ml

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