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What is Brazilian keratin treatment? - FAQs

Searching for the best and effective hair treatment which will offer you attractive and shiny hair then this Brazilian keratin treatment products are the right solution for you.This particular hair treatment is originally developed in Brazil where women are passionate about perfection.This is one of the kinds which of innovative treatment transform your wavy hair into smooth and straight hair by using the keratin protein Which Also repairs the hair damage and Also Prevents damage the future of your hair.

The Major Reasons behind our Brazilian keratin hair treatment are given below:

1.  We have a huge satisfactory client database that got best result after using the products from us.

2.  We always sell best effective keratin treatment products which are completely natural.

3.  We have experienced hair experts who advice us to choose the products for the store.

FAQs on Keratin Hair Treatment:

On which type of hair this treatment can be done?

- This kind of hair treatment can be done on every kind of chemically-treated hair such as colored & highlighted, bleached, premed or previously straightened etc. as well as on natural hair.

How long this Brazilian keratin treatment works?

- Generally this kind of treatment lasts for minimum 6 months but depending upon your hair type and your frequency of hair washing you will get the results accordingly.

Can someone do this treatment after coloring the hair or chemically treated hair on?

- Yes, you can do this treatment right after the coloring or chemically treated hair.

Is the treatment can be done on Virgin hair?

- Yes, it can be done on the virgin hair.

Can someone shampoo her hair after this treatment?

- No, it is highly recommended to wash the hair after two or three days of getting the keratin treatment. As a result you will get long term straight hair.

Can someone wear ponytail or tie her hair after this treatment?

- Yes, you can do it but after completion of the first four days after getting the treatment.

What is the right solution when my hair gets wet accidentally during first four days?

- Then it is highly suggested to blow-dry immediately or else you can use the ceramic straightened as well.

Which shampoo can I prefer this after Keratin treatment?

- It recommended using such kind of shampoo which does not include Sodium Chloride (salt).

When this treatment done to do again?

- After two to three months or as suggested by your hair expert.

Can I use some of the hair cosmetics like hair spray, mousse, gel and any other kind of hair products During Those four days?

- No you can’t because it may interfere with the results.

How to use Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Home: